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Professional Development

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To make educational resources available to broadcasters that they will find stimulating, informative, educational and of high value.

WSAB Bulletin
The Association's quick-read monthly newsletter informs broadcasters about legislative issues, industry developments, regulatory matters and WSAB programs, activities and services.

  • Monthly "how to" article on new regulatory developments
  • Payola/Plugola Protection
  • Electronic Call Sign Requests
  • Avoiding "Negligent Hiring Lawsuits" Over Colorful Air Talent
  • Contests and Lotteries
  • Legislative Action Update
  • Emergency Alert System tips & suggestions
  • FCC Rule Reminder
  • Legal Hotline Question of the Month
  • Station Events, Awards, Promotions
  • And Much More...

Annual Sales Skill Schools
WSAB presents three sales skill schools every year devoted to increasing or refreshing the skills of account execs and sales managers. Our presenters read like a "Who's Who" of sales training: Dr. Sean Joyce, George Hyde, Chris Lytle, Pam Lontos, Bart White, Joe Hanson, Ted Price, Darrell Solberg, John Fellows, Tommy Teepell's "Big Bubba School of Selling Lots of Advertising," Sean Luce, Jim Taszarek, Paul Weyland, Joe Bonura, and Michael Guld.

Ad Hoc Seminars & Workshops
From time to time WSAB presents timely educational seminars on topics of particular interest.

  • License Renewal
  • Political Broadcasting Rules Compliance Workshop
  • News Writing
  • Public Service Outreach
  • Broadcasting in Cyberspace: Solving Broadcasters' Y2K Problems
  • Psychology of Management: Dan O'Day
  • The Art of Managing & Motivating Air Talent
  • Radio & TV Music Licensing Money Saving Tips
  • A Public File the FCC Will Love
  • The Total Quality Service Radio Station
  • EEO Compliance Workshop
  • Promotion-Sharing Roundtable: Ideas That Work

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