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To provide assistance in solving specific problems that utilize WSAB's ability to do as an industry what individual broadcasters cannot do for themselves. 
Legal Question Hotline
WSAB is the only state broadcaster association in the nation which offers a dial-up legal advice service to its members, staffed by a full-time President & CEO who is also an experienced communications attorney, and who spent more than 15 years on the air and in management in markets including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Spokane, and Eugene. The Legal Question Hotline solves legal problems for broadcasters more than 1,500 times every year on topics such as lotteries, contests and promotions; political broadcasting; hoaxes; public file requirements; sponsor identification; payola/plugola; record retention; alcoholic beverage advertising regulations; newsroom subpoenas; FCC forms; public notices and more.

Job Bank/Resume Resource Center
Members can list their openings in the WSAB Job Bank and search to find any resumes in the WSAB Resume Resource Center. WSAB advertises in major industry trade periodicals to add new resumes to the inventory constantly.

EEO Minority & Women Recruitment Source Directory
WSAB's nationwide directory lists over 250 minority and female recruitment sources to assist stations in complying with their recruitment obligations under the FCC's EEO Rule.

Comments in FCC Rulemaking Proceedings
WSAB utilizes the collective wisdom of Washington broadcasters and presents their needs and desires to the FCC in well-researched and written formal comments in FCC rulemaking proceedings. Recent proceedings in which WSAB has filed comments include microradio, DTV must carry, and the EEO rulemaking.

Calendar of Deadlines & Events
This annual listing includes FCC filing deadlines, national meetings, political lowest unit charge periods and other scheduling information vital to station operations. The Calendar is updated and published monthly in the WSAB Bulletin.

Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program
WSAB, in cooperation with the Seattle FCC Field Office, provides an opportunity for stations to avoid FCC inspections. Stations passing an inspection under the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program will not be inspected by the FCC for up to three years. Stations may be re-inspected under the ABI Program to continue their immunity from FCC station inspection.

Emergency Alert System
WSAB published and distributed the State EAS Plan and continues to update the plan as necessary. In addition, WSAB includes the date and time of all Required Monthly Tests in the monthly Bulletin. WSAB also periodically publishes the FCC's updated EAS Self-Check List.

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