Benefits of Membership

The Washington State Association of Broadcasters provides many benefits to its member stations, including:

  • Legislative advocacy for broadcasters on statewide issues in Olympia and federal issues in Washington, D.C.
  • No charge for legal advice from David Oxenford (legal counsel to the WSAB) through the WSAB LEGAL HOTLINE - questions about broadcasting for common use by WSAB membership.
  • Provide broadcast job postings on our website for member station recruitment purposes.
  • An Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) that gives radio and television stations that successfully pass the inspection a three (3) year guarantee of no routine FCC inspections (and any station found to be in compliance violation will be given a period of up to 150 days to correct the violations).


To provide assistance in solving specific problems that utilize WSAB's ability to do as an industry what individual broadcasters cannot do for themselves. 

Legal Question Hotline

WSAB offers member stations assistance through its Legal Question hotline.  Through the resources of our FCC Counsel (David Oxenford of Wilkinson Barker Knauer) and in-state counsel (Davis Wright Tremaine) we accept and answer inquiries annually on topics such as lotteries; contests and promotions; political broadcasting; hoaxes; public file requirements; sponsor identification; payola/plugola; record retention; alcoholic beverage advertising regulations; newsroom subpoenas; FCC forms; public notices, and more.

Comments in FCC Rulemaking Proceedings

WSAB utilizes the collective wisdom of Washington broadcasters and presents their needs and desires to the FCC in well-researched and written formal comments in FCC rulemaking proceedings. Recent proceedings in which WSAB has filed comments include microradio, DTV must carry, and the EEO rulemaking, main studio waivers and listener mail in public files.

Calendar of Deadlines & Events

This annual listing includes FCC filing deadlines, national meetings, political lowest unit charge periods and other scheduling information vital to station operations.

Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

WSAB, in cooperation with the FCC Field Office, provides an opportunity for stations to avoid FCC inspections. Stations passing an inspection under the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program will not be inspected by the FCC for up to three years. Stations may be re-inspected under the ABI Program to continue their immunity from FCC station inspection.

Emergency Alert System

WSAB participates in the State Emergency Communications Committee (SECC) and makes the state EAS Plan and updated FCC EAS manual available on our website (found here).  

The date and time of all Required Monthly Tests are posted on the website and can be found here.   



To promote and protect free, over-the-air, broadcasters' interests before Congress and Washington State Legislature; to facilitate additional contact between broadcasters and elected officials by providing them with opportunities to meet and discuss issues and build relationships.
"No one's life, liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session." 
Estate of A. B., Gideon J. Tucker, New York Surrogate Reports, 1 Tucker (N. Y. Surr.) 249 (1896) 

WSAB President & CEO Keith Shipman and Legislative Counsel Mark Allen are constantly on guard for legislative issues that will affect broadcasters. WSAB has an enviable record of protecting broadcasters' welfare and promoting their interests in state and federal policy decisions.


WSAB Meetings with Members of Congress

WSAB takes broadcasters to Washington, DC annually to meet with our Members of Congress and U. S. Senators in their Capitol Hill offices. WSAB President & CEO Keith Shipman also travels to make additional visits with legislators and staff members in Washington, DC or in the member’s home district.